Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are of huge value to the Alberta Cricket Association. From grass roots and all the way up to the Board of Directors, the entire organization is managed by volunteers. Not only do volunteers help save money in operational costs of ACA, They also provide better service to stakeholders, increase contact with the greater community, offer better expertise, and reduce costs of services.

ACA currently needs immediate help from experienced volunteers in the field of Fund Development, Marketing and Event Management, Specially For Champions Cricket Open 100K. Experienced volunteers are needed who have advanced knowledge of cricket which could help us organize our operational plan.

If you are a person with passion for cricket and can help ACA  move forward with a solid knowledge based plan and constant monitoring of our progress, we need your help as soon as possible.

Current Volunteer Opportunities with Champions Cricket Open 100K

  • Marketing Head
  • Event Director 
  • Hospitality Head

Please reach us at albertacricketassociation@gmail.com